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Over the past decades, DJs have made the transition from local club heroes to international superstars. While they got the whole world up on their feet, many DJs face the same big challenges: they have a hard time finding original songs as well as a wide variety of distinct vocals within a limited timeframe. The solution? Vocalkitchen - a collective of upcoming and established vocalists and songwriters. By means of an online portal, Vocalkitchen aims to service the electronic music industry by providing DJs access to a database of existing songs and vocals as well as receiving custommade song ideas on their instrumental tracks. Through the platform, DJs also have the opportunity to request re-recordings of vocals, to book vocalists for their shows and make use of plugging services to labels. Apart from being the answer to the DJ’s quest for songs and vocals, Vocalkitchen is also a stepping stone and career extension for songwriters and vocalists. Furthermore, Vocalkitchen adds value to record labels and music publishers by taking the hassle out of identifying, nurturing and developing vocal and songwriting talent and by helping them getting their songs placed. Vocalkitchen. Assisting DJs. Empowering vocalists and songwriters.
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