Vikthor (IT)


Vikthor was born near Naples, Italy, and started DJing at the early age of 13. Always passionate about electronic music, Vikthor decided to start producing his own tracks and quickly got the attention of many big labels with his unique sound: an energetic style of driving techno fusing a dark and intense atmosphere with pounding percussion and captivating synth lines, ideal for live performances.

He released a remix for the song “Twilo” with Elio Riso and Muter in 2018, which was an instant success, chosen as the opening track for Carl Cox’s set at Resistance Ultra Miami in 2018. Later that year Vikthor started releasing tracks on Cox’s Intec Records and he was so impressed with Vikthor’s music that called him the “now generation” in an interview with Forbes magazine in 2019. Vikthor kept releasing great hits that year like “Yes” with Muter in Toolroom Records, multiple releases in 2020 on Australian living legend Eric Powell’s label Bush Records, and in 2021 he released another huge hit with Elio Riso called “Soul & Trip” on Carl Cox’s label 23rd Century DGTL, which was heavily supported by Carl before its release and was chosen as his favorite song of 2020 and reached hundreds of thousands of streams and downloads.

The following year, in 2021, he released an EP with Oscar Aguilera on the prestigious label by Monika Kruse, Terminal M Records. Then in 2022 releases on DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid Digital Records, Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Records, the list goes on, including the release of a 1 hour long mix for Tomorrowland’s Future Four.

In 2023 Vikthor released his single “Lullaby” with Gregor Potter and AdamK on Austin Kramer’s tbd Records and once again on Carl Cox’s 23 Century DGTL his EP “Redemption”.

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