Vibrance (NL)


Vibrance, a.k.a. Fabiënne, is a DJ based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Her DJ -name, Vibrance, reflects the aim to bring vibrancy and energy to the dance floor. She seamlessly blends dreamy and raw sounds with proper techno, creating a warm and energetic flow that resonates with deeper layers of emotion, aligning body and mind.

Her current style is focused on underground techno, embracing her love for the genre that was ignited during her exploration of the vibrant and diverse underground scene in Amsterdam over the past decade. She has spent countless hours on dance floors, immersing herself in the music and gaining valuable experience and insights into what her audience might enjoy. Her style is trippy, sexy and fierce with edges of dub- and Detroit techno.

What makes her unique as a DJ is that she has a background in yoga and psychology: she is aware of how music can influence emotions, atmosphere and energy. She also really emphasizes harmony and flow across her sets. Her aim is to raise vibrations, getting people into a flow state and connecting with themselves and others on the dance floor.

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