Ven (NL)


In 1992 Ven started giving undergrond techno parties under the name The Happy Joker. As from 1997 these parties were called Trinity in Technoland. This Techno concept has existed for 23 years with a lot of parties and festivals in and around Groningen and has become a wellknown concept, with guest dj’s as: Ben Sims, Marco Bailey, Miss Djax, Jay Denham,Joey Beltram, John Selway, Thomas Schumacher and a lot of other (inter-) national artists.

Because of this concept Trinity in Technoland and his refreshing techno sound, Ven had the possibility to show his dj skills on a lot of parties and festivals in the Netherlands. His style is best defined as Techno with a touch of Old - School and has always been renewing and focused on the dance floor aiming for new refreshing sounds. Today he has a techno label called Wave Signal, where the new and the old techno sound come together.

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