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A few years later, I met other jazz dancers like Gary and Seymore Nurse, Norville, Levi, John, Adolf, Jelly Germain (a French tap dancer), Johan, Jerry, and of course, my brother, DJ Carlito, all specialists in jazz dance.” In 1990, DJ Urvinson spent time at the Jazzbopparties in Paradiso in Amsterdam and at the Hardbopparties at Fellini’s, an underground club in Utrecht. “That time was very important in my life as a dancer,” says DJ Urvinson. “I spent Sunday nights club hopping from Havanna’s The Message to the Roxy and the Richter in Amsterdam, which were the hottest places to be for dancers from all over the world. At that time my brother Carlos was already DJing. My focus was strictly dance and dance performance.” Auditions: In 1999, DJ Urvinson shifted his focus to drama, acting, theatre, and DJing. He auditioned and did theater projects for schools with the theater group, Stout. Meanwhile, he bought two turntables and started to collect hip hop, R&B, soul, rare grooves, funk, disco, jazz, and deep house. “I surprised my brother, DJ Carlito, when I wanted to DJ. In the beginning, it was hard to combine all music styles the way DJ Carlito does, but he inspired me and I learned.” Wicked Jazz Sounds: In 2002, DJ Urvinson joined forces with Phil Horneman and Manne van der Zee and started a weekly Sunday club evening called Wicked Jazz Sounds, which is now held regularly at Sugar Factory. “Phil and I were the only two resident DJs working with Live musicians like Jeff Hollie and Vibemaster R.Skills,” says DJ Urvinson. “Wicked Jazz Sounds became really Big and is still a very successful concept and club night in the Dutch jazz and dance scene. Now we have a big family with a lot of musicians and DJs. I am a resident DJ and I am very proud to see Wicked Jazz Sounds grow to what it has become today.” Wicked Jazz Sounds has released a series of successful CDs. DJ Urvinson is featured on one of the last released within that serie: Wicked Jazz Sounds 6. Musicstyle he plays: Jazz from Acid-Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Punk Jazz, BeBop, Fusion, Latin, Contempio Boogaloo, Drum & Bass SOUL, FUNK, HIP HOP, LOUNGE, BREAKBEATS, R&B, HOUSE, FROM DEEPHOUSE TO TECHHOUSE Urvinsons other activities: Brothers In Harmony, Producing with his brother DJ Carlito under their own Label Software For Soul Recordings with various artists.
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