Uffe (NL)

Now living in Amsterdam and having dipped his toe into many-a-genre, his own work as Uffe is very much a musical menagerie. In 2012 he released his first EP, „Colors Outside“, on Catz'n'Dogz' imprint, Pets Recordings. The feedback on this release was magnificent and especially the wonderful cinematic and psychedelic sounds combined with Uffe's own, folky vocals on the astonishing „When The Sun Rose“ was greatly received. The „Straess! EP“ soon followed on Tartelet Records and 2015 will see a handful of releases from this young talent, who is proving himself to be a veritable force to be reckoned with as time goes on. First off is Uffe’s debut full-length album „Radio Days“ which will be released on Tartelet Records in March 2015. Returning to Tartelet for the first time since 2012, Uffe has delivered an uncommonly graceful and assured first album, assembled from a few years' backlog of tunes and a young lifetime's worth of disparate musical influences. On „Radio Days“, you'll hear shades of hip-hop (Uffe's first musical love, he says), smoky soul, generations of jazz styles and, of course, a distinctly Detroit strain of grooving house music—often all on the same track. But even if you know the constituent parts, you haven't heard them pieced together quite like this before. Uffe's self-taught as an instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist, but his intuition is impeccable—hear it on easy floor-fillers like "Die For You (I Won't)" and "My Luv Was Real," where hefty basslines saunter through the ample space between cymbal splashes and Uffe's breathy voice builds alluringly strange chords, or on tense ballads like "I Can Show You High," a dual testament to the producer's songwriting chops and sampling dexterity.
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