Tyo (AT)

Music was always a part of Tyo‘s everyday life.. It all started quite different compared to most of the upcoming DJ acts. Before he explored electronic music, he was part of an austrian band project where he acted as a lead singer & guitar player. 2013 marked the Moment, that he knew, he had to Broaden his Horizon. Moving to Vienna, meeting new Friends & exploring the city’s Nightlife seemed to be the missing piece to Tyo‘s kickoff in Electronic Dance Music. His musical past combined with his new destiny built the base to his live shows, where he combines djing with live vocals & for his debut single „Forgive“ in 2017. In just 3 years, he managed to play the biggest Festivals & Clubs in Austria that go by the Name of „Electric Love Festival“, „Danube Island Festival“, „FM4 Frequency Festival“, „Secret Island Croatia“, „Praterdome“, „Bollwerk“, „Empire“ and many more! In 2018 he released his second single „Next One“, the official surf worldcup neusiedlersee anthem, that got airplay at Austrias biggest radio stations and has already exceeded 275.000 klicks on spotify! Meanwhile Tyo has also got lots of gigs in foreign countries like Turkey & Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic & Germany aswell. Combining his musical roots (singing) with the current style of electronic music is what makes his shows unique!
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