Tricky Gullivan (NL)

Jochem Westerhof also known as Tricky Gullivan Started his musical journey 11 years ago in the HipHop scene. He wrote many songs and did many performances in different settings with other artists and rappers. After a few years of hard practice it was time for the real deal. He published 2 albums which he created, and did performances on festivals like Dunya Festival, Freedom Festival, Theater Zuidplein, and the Uitmark Festival in Amsterdam. He was also promptly on Juize.fm and in the pre-program from the likes of Fresku and Lange Frans. Throughout the years he developed his skillset as a variable artist on stage and on tape. After quite some time Tricky Gullivan (next to writing) knew that he was ready for new experiences. He slowly started to realize that he was really getting into dance music, while he saw the genre as a second love. A friend of his saw an opportunity and took him into MC’ing and by trying and practicing his previous experiences it took him to the next level as All-Round MC. So his adventure started with an upcoming group that called themselves Rockzsolid. Tricky Gullivan has played in clubs like Noxx Antwerp, Villa Thalia Rotterdam, and even took the main stage in 2014 on Laten Village! Tricky Gullivan is an artist that is really an enthusiastic, positive and a happy character that brings the stage alive. He regularly is on stage or on tape with many big names from many scenes. Besides the usual proceedings like workshops, writing songs, and performances he also tends to do voice overs for intro’s from big shows, oneliners, and mixtapes, he has hosted 23 mixtapes in 2014 alone! He also did an interview for EDM Republic(Barbados) as an upcoming talent. Here is a list containing artists Tricky Gullivan has worked with in the dance scene. Glow in the Dark, Willy Monfret, Genairo Nvilla, Franky Rizardo, Blasterjaxx, Nervo, Dj Chucky, Dj Dyna, Gregor Salto, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Roul and Doors, La Fuente, Tricky Gullivan works hard to accomplish his dream and ambitions with his voice and energy, nationally or international.
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