Tom Schiphorst (NL)

The music and mixes of these Dutch house moguls brought Tom to buy a pair of record players. After that there was no turning back: in the eight years that followed Tom grew up with house music. Nowadays, still a youngster, he is spinning in clubs on a regular basis himself, with his very own style. For real! Tom already played venues like Monza, Club Noa, Club Fresh, Kerkplein, Escape, Club Home, Gusto and Brasserie Bar Nero and won the Starbeach dj contest in 2011 in Club Noa. This resulted in great gigs on Starbeach in Greece. Why? Well, he is king in combining his unique style with the flow the crowd wants in the heat of the moment. Deep soulful house to tech & minimal house with great vocal parts are his cup of tea. And production wise Tom is developing rapidly, becoming an artist. Tom Schiphorst released his very first track ‘Make Me’ together with The Groovedoctor on Veth Music in 2011. The runner up is ‘Jack That Body’, released on Dos Palomas Negras in the summer. More great tracks are on their way. And if these words don’t have any effect on you just make sure to look him up online. Sound & film do more than words. Tom will rock your world: you can bet your ass.
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