Tom de Meijer ()

Tom De Meijer is Managing Director of the leading independent label CNR Records Belgium. After a decade leading the company as General Manager, the company, the oldest Benelux label company by the way, was acquired through a management buy-out in 2013. CNR has a long-standing reputation of successful dance projects through the Mostiko label, such as Minimalistix, numerous house & dance classics, groundbreaking compilations and currently representing Belgian international talent Lost Frequencies and the Belgian dance royalty Regi (Milk Inc, Sylver). Together with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike CNR handles the label imprint Smash The House for the world and is the exclusive label partner for Tomorrowland music releases. In 2015 CNR launched its Asian imprint, CNR Records Asia and is now fully operational from Signapore covering all of the booming Asian Market.
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