Tom Brinkmann (DE)

To get straight to the point: Tom wasn't simply born with his musical intuition, his father didn't play the guitar and he wasn't infected by a techno virus in a Berlin cellar club. Rather, he grew up well protected approx. 60 kilometers east of the capital and lived through the normal stages of childhood and youth: kindergarden, school, vocational training. When 15 years old, he had the first contact with electronic music; he attended festivals, bought turntables and studied the medium vinyl. After first trials, many by played nights and small gigs on open air events. Tom changed city and ended up in the wonderful Münsterland area in North Rhine Westphalia. Here he didn't only find his personal happiness, but he was soon joined the local scene . Since 2013 he is a permanent resident of the popular party series "Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach" at the club Favela/Münster. Jan's skills are composed of clean mixing, elegante track selection, and a great feeling for the appropriate musical moment. Whether opening, peak or closing: the beat bounces, the crowd celebrates, joyful faces are guaranteed. Meanwhile Jan has established his own party series ("Home" & "Geh tanzen!") i n Münster and expects his first child later this summer, meaning that, in the sense of music, you don't have to worry about the new generation.
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