Toh Imago (FR)

Toh Imago took the time to sharpen his artistic chops under a few different guises, resisting the 21st-century affliction that is instant gratification at all costs, ultimately spending over 18 months to develop the narrative arc underlying his first opus Nord Noir. Using the historical context of the north of France’s proletariat past, he created a dense, hypnotic, haunted album that will sit comfortable alongside the works of Daniel Avery, Efdemin and Blawan. Giving an idea (let alone ideas) the time and space to gestate and take shape in an age marked by urgency and panic is something of a heresy, but this is just another expression of Toh Imago’s contrarian spirit. Taking years to refine his artistic identity is a gift that the young producer, who burst onto the French electronic music scene in 2012, consciously gave himself. In the same vein, taking eighteen months to craft the full arc of his first full-length is another feat of patience and dedication – especially in 2019. This slow simmering translates to the droning, relentless grit underlying the resulting album, which manages to restore a sense of the concept album to techno – silencing the pessimists who believe that the genre has been stripped of its narrative import. His first album Nord Noir is set for release on October 18th, 2019 on InFiné. Throughout the dense, hypnotic, portent Nord Noir the northern France native thus decided to tell a story – many stories, the stories of the region’s miners
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