Hailing from Connecticut, TJR, real name TJ Rozdilsky, started off as a house and techno producer and put out his first records on underground DJ Terry Mullan’s Catalyst label in 2005. When DJ Mag reminds TJR of his past, he says that “even in those days, I was funky and bouncy. I’ve always maintained that vibe with my production. I’ve progressed in my knowledge and understanding of engineering and music theory”. At the same time, his productions have become ubiquitous; TJR has topped the Beatport charts twice — with 'Funky Vodka’ and ‘'What's Up Suckaz’ — and has also enjoyed enormous crossover success with ‘Don’t Stop the Party’ with Pitbull. Unsurprisingly, he has enjoyed a very busy 2014. “I got the opportunity to see some great places and work with some talented people,” he explains, adding that “Coachella was the biggest moment of my DJ career. That place is magical!” Despite his commercial success, TJR says that he is not consciously making mainstream dance music, but admits that he is “heavily influenced by pop”. He also points out that he does not come from a band background and that his tracks “are created because of a vocal — I draw the most inspiration from them”.
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