Tianzhou Chen (CN)


Tianzhuo Chen never knew how to define himself. As a/n (so-called) artist who works with various ‘happenings’ of liminality, he likes to crash, merge, infuse, mutate, tease, substitute, and play with boundaries. Or rather, he (re-)invents boundaries and then destroys them. Trained as a swimmer, Tianzhuo is drawn to the undercurrents of existence and the benthic fables of lives and deaths while often finding himself drift in the tectonic wonders of (unknown) lands. To explore such tantric knowledge and the obscure wisdom of the unknown, he observes, draws, collects, crafts, installs, edits, interweaves, creates, mixes and remixes, attempting to sense, capture and share that very fleeting beauty of life, that is, the magic and ecstasy.

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