Three Machines (LB)

One is a veteran of sorts, a driving force that has pioneered the rise of Beirut’s pulsating nightlife and music industry, leaving his mark on the airwaves and on the dance floors, playing the biggest venues in the region and sharing the stage with numerous international acts. The other is a product of scientific malpractice and classified government mischief, with more major credits and events under his belt than should be allowed by state law for someone who has only recently reached voting age. The unlikely twosome got together under otherwise normal conditions, through business arrangements and mutual acquaintances. In hindsight, it is absolutely safe to say that the first meeting only happened because the universe got bored with itself and a nuclear disaster seemed like overkill at the time. Together, they relentlessly churn out intricate systems of sounds that would feel right at home in obscure basements, majestic cathedrals and colossal open spaces alike. Their music is a soundtrack to the cosmos, an ode to the infinitely small, a celebration of the infinitely big, a study of human nature and all of its complex, beautiful imperfections. Most importantly, it does not conform to any pre-defined genre classification. Classically trained but forward-thinking, enlightened but progressive, the two gears that keep Three Machines running vow to use and abuse the medium, then move on to its hot cousin.
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