Thom David (NL)


Thom David is a musical storyteller like no other. His tasteful mix ranges from chill Deephouse to the heavier Techno and it’s variety in energy levels is just as obvious as the many emotional layers that Thom David blends in. From mysterious vibes to total euphoria: Thom David's sets are an emotional rollercoaster.

A sensitive and observative musician, Thom David is in constant touch with his floor and always looking to touch their hearts and minds. From smooth mysterious house and techno records to harder bangers, Thom David's musical scope is wide and surprising. To emphasize his quest to set the right tone he is known to open his sets with soundtrack excerpts and other spherical rarities. Be sure to catch Thom David live on the decks to witness his musical journey and stay inspired by the stream of fresh sets on his Soundcloud.

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