Thibaud Fouet (FR)

Speaker (Membership)

Thibaud Fouet has been Director of Membership since January 2019. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of membership relationships, including all the new tools necessary to satisfy our members requirements and the development of our social and professional services.

He is at the head of three departments: Social and Professional Affairs, Services and Members and Verification of Distribution.

Thibaud joined Sacem in 1992 after three years working in live performance. His career in the regional network led him to the position of Regional Delegate both in France and overseas. After gaining experience in the Company's regional network, he took over the responsibility of the Divisional Audit Department in 2006, a position to which was added, in 2014, the post of Director of Membership Services.

Thibaud is a graduate of INSEEC Business School in Paris.

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