Thera (NL)

Dj Thera, the founder of Theracords, has an incredible and impressive resume. He is known for his significant, unique style and positive, energetic attitude. There is no other artist who provides such amount of energy on stage, which is something you will have to witness yourself to believe it. This Dutch artist has been releasing harder styled music from 2000 onward and therefor has been one of the pioneers in developing and creating the hardstyle genre. Nowadays his release count goes up to over 300 tracks, 3 solo albums, various mix cd's and over 10 anthems. Stylewise, Dj Thera has always been a fighter of creating as much diversity as possible which also shows his current music outings. He is very active creating three different styles: (raw) hardstyle classics, rawstyle and even hardcore uptempo calling it: Thera Classics, Thera Hardstyle and Thera Core.
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