The LazarusMan (ZA)

Having worked with artists such as Martin Stimming, Tigerskin, Andre Lodemaan and The Djuma Sound System its small wonder that the world stage has opened up to welcome this young artist. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa The Lazarusman is a young slam poet who began his path into poetry and spoken word after being inspired by the situations and difficulties of being young black and South African. His idiosyncratic style of poetry earned him quick recognition in the local poetry scene, performing and competing across South Africa. Instead of conforming to the normal style of poetry that most of his peers had chosen at the time, Lazarus’s style offered a more humorous and quirky way to put across social conversation about political and personal issues that were (and still are) existent in his surroundings. This unique style is attributed to his genuine love for dance music. “One of the first relationships I formed with an international artist was with Martin Stimming” says Lazarus. This relationship was a significant force in propelling him forward within the dance music stages and studios across the world.The relationship formed in 2010 delivered a release of the song Change, a song most dance music fans are familiar with which, is easily be attributed to the unique message that the song delivers. The Lazarusman In the same year he was invited to perform in Denmark at the My World Images Festival where he met and collaborated with poets and artists from around the globe. A chance meeting in Hamburg that year resulted in another collaboration with Lazarus and Stimming for a track called “The Song”. This was once again another definitive, song that emphasized Lazarus’s writing and performance abilities and how well that fused with Martin Stimming’s unique and sort after sound. The Lazarusman has grown from his early days as a performance poet to a well-seasoned recording artist; he has collaborated with the likes of Soul Clap, Aki Bergen, Djumma Soundsytem, Tigerskin, Goldwill, Karol XVII and MB Valance, Salvatore Agrosi, Ross Couch and many others. He has released on labels such as Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music and Electronic Reeds, to just name a few. His core belief is that the vocals in dance music should transcend further than just enhancing the music or add a human effect but, they should leave a lasting impression, impart knowledge and transfer a global message that everybody can relate to. This linspiration taken from his love for spoken word and dance music has transported him to the top clubs around the world, performing live with top artists in Russia, Germany, Brazil, Denmark & South Africa.
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