The Dreem Teem (GB)

The Dreem Teem is a trio of DJs and occasional producers, all of whom entered London's club scene during the glory days of acid house in 1988-89: Timmi Magic (b. London; August 23, 1968), Mikee B (b. Kingston, Jamaica; December 10, 1967) and DJ Spoony (b. London; June 27, 1970). They worked separately during the early to mid-'90s, but later met up at the Arches, where DJ Spoony's residency anticipated the development of speed garage in Britain. After getting together as a DJ team (with Timmi focusing on the mixing while Spoony scratched and Mikee worked as the selector), the Dreem Teem released a 1997 mix set on the 4 Liberty label, The London Dreem Teem in Session.
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