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French DJ & Producer, Templar has been involved in the music careers of many international artists throughout the years.

With a music career filled with a combination of thousand projects, this french born and swiss raised wonderkid first discovered music in the 90’s.

Templar’s music has been inspired by the musical heritage of his travels around the world, and his influences include classic house, jazz, disco, hip hop & Detroit techno.

Having collaborated with hundreds of global pop, electronic & urban artists in the past 15 years, made Templar one of the best music masterminds of this last decade.

Also known as a powerful nightlife entrepreneur, from unsung hero to international artist, Templar is proving everyone it’s only one step ahead.

In 2019, Templar headlined shows in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia, and also headlined “Public Arts” (from Ian Schrager’s founder of Studio 54) in New York.

In 2020, Templar launched his recording label and hosts a weekly mix serie called Ritual Beats, now broadcasted on the best electronic music radios in +50 countries worldwide.
After taking advantage of the non-touring situation in 2021, Templar worked on producing his debut album which will be world premiered on Ibiza Global Radio and presented during the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2021.

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