Tek-No-Bee (NL)

Since 2003 he started seriously performing all over the world. He brings his mixes to a higher level by extra effects, beat juggles and scratches or 4 deck action. Also in 2003 he started his own x-perimental parties and in 2006 had his pitch shifter parties in his hometown. These parties gave young techno talent a chance to prove themselves. In 2007 he started his own party together with a friend called: S.L.E.T. (sounds like extreme techno). After that in 2009 he started learning producing by the help of Tony Demoet. His style of production you can describe as a mixture of influences coming from the eighties and nineties with hiphop, soul and funk! He loves to make the crowd move so his productions always have a really great drive! Since 2012 he is doing livesets and he is one of the founders of Spuit 11.
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