Technokid (SE)


TechnoKid Born(Eddy Khoury) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

At the age of 12 (TK) discovered DJ-ing.

After moving back to Stockholm,SE to continue his higher studies by the age of 17 TechnoKid started Djing at clubs & pubs professionally under the name DJ EdK from club 54 to kristall, tegelbruk, The public täby & the list goes on.

TechnoKIDs taste of music was mostly Hip-Hop, RnB Latino music and some commercial EDM..

But all of that changed in 2015 when he discovered Stockholm’s underground scene…

TechnoKID started Passionsfrukt together with a fellow DJ by the name of DJ DEAN and both started organizing events(more known as Raves)

In 2020 TechnoKID started his own group by the name of Sauna on the move changing it to DEMANDsthlm by 2021 with first international booking (Nur Jaber) on the 26th of November.

Today TechnoKID focuses much on mixing everything from Melodic Techno to Driving and when he decides to go harder he rocks the floor with some HardTechno & Hard Dance!

TechnoKID has released two tracks in the year 2021 available on spotify under the names Crazy Times & Delusion!

Finally TechnoKID works closely with the artist Valerio Sinatra from Gate as his Production/Stage Manager.

Some of his work like Nusha, Victor Ruiz and upcoming festival Reset!

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