System Divine (HR)

David, known by his artist name System Divine, was born in 1984. in Croatia. His mother named him after David Bowie, so even before he was born he was connected to music. He started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 11, and was heavily influenced by his mother’s records, mainly David Bowie, Queen, Depeche Mode, etc. A few years later he replaced his guitar with a pair of turntables. First he started playing at private parties and some local bars, earning money he used for buying vinyls. His DJ–ing style is easiest to describe as driving repetitive progressive, melodic techno, but in the end it’s a „System Divine style“. His skill and talent didn’t go unnoticed, as he won the award back in 2004, for the “Best upcoming DJ” at a Rookie DJ’s contest. Almost immediately after that, he was given an opportunity to play at Fun Academy, one of the most famous clubs in Croatia at that time. He was warmly accepted and went on to become the club’s youngest resident DJ. Few years later, guided by the life motto – “Be Free”, he founded an association under the same name. It’s activities range from organization of events, Be Free nights and promoting electronic music sounds in the media, but everything with the same message to the audience, to be free in all aspects of their lives. Next step – Production. System Divine’s first EP was released in June 2009. In November 2009., his first remix (for Diego Poblets-Piano&Strings) didn’t go unnoticed, to say the least. SD got an e-mail from Mr. Laurent Garnier himself, displaying appreciation for his remix and promising playtime during some of his own sets. Since then, he continued to deliver quality productions that have seen support from many other world respected artists. His remix of Moby’s track „The Low Hum“ is included on „Destroyed Remixed“, a 2xCD collection of remixes of songs from Moby’s 2011 studio album, Destroyed, alongside artists such as Sasha, Paul Van Dyk, Photek, Gregor Tresher and David Lynch. For System Divine, the focus has always been music. Listening, playing and producing. More than anything, System Divine is devoted and thankful to his fans, who provide continuous belief and support.
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