STX_, short for Syntax, has been around for a while. His very first CD ever was "Oxygen" from Jean Michael Jarre, which he bought when he was 9 years old. From there his love for electronic music was born.

As a teen in the 90’s he immersed in the blossoming house and techno scene in the Netherlands even further strengthening his love for electronic music in all its forms. Not limited by genres but always looking for quality music.

It was not until his discovery of the Steyoyoke label right at their start in 2012 that all his musical explorations came together in a genre that was a culmination of all the different elements that defined quality music: ethereal techno. From there he never looked back. As a DJ he still builds on different genres, but ethereal techno is always the cornerstone of any set he plays or mixes he records.

This year, inspired by a group of friends who had started producing and releasing via their own label Libertas, there was no doubt: he also wanted to contribute to the genre and start putting my past experience into music production also. This is the start of new chapter of his musical journey.

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