Stuart Hackley (US)


Stuart Hackley has been producing and talent buying premiere electronic music events in multiple markets across North America since 2012. He co-founded Chicago’s powerhouse promoter group Auris Presents in 2020, where he acts as the Lead Talent Buyer for the brand’s iconic ARC Festival, venues like Radius and PRYSM, and a portfolio of flagship events across the city. Following his six-year tenure booking over one-thousand shows in sixteen markets for Disco Donnie Presents / Livestyle, Hackley founded Loud Crowd which remains a pillar of the South East USA’s dance music industry. Loud Crowd merged with Auris Presents in 2023 to bolster the larger group’s nation-wide reach. Stuart played a key role in Auris’ conception of ARC, which has gone on to become one of North America’s most celebrated festivals, forged from its dedication to connecting House music’s Chicago roots to the global community.

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