Squarepusher (GB)

Jenkinson was born in Chelmsford, Essex, and educated at King Edward VI Grammar School. A self-taught expert-level bass guitar player and drummer, his style of extremely fast, cut-up beats mixed with fusion jazz and interlaced with synth lines and samples has gained him a cult following. He is friends with Richard D. James (Aphex Twin), and his albums have been critically acclaimed for their forward-thinking approach to electronic music. On 26 June 2005, Squarepusher played at London's Royal Festival Hall as part of the Show "Songs of Experience" a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. His 12 minute performance was built up of a medley of Hendrix tracks played solely on the bass guitar with the use of effects. One of his brothers, Andy Jenkinson, is also a respected recording artist, under the name Ceephax Acid Crew. A third brother, Jonny Jenkinson, also performs and occasionally supports his siblings on tour as a drum and bass DJ.
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