Marco Aurelio (NL)


Marco Aurelio aka Sous Dubois. He brings passion, diversity, dynamics, storytelling, and dedication with a strong focus on the perfect interaction with a crowd. This is what you will experience, hear, feel, and see when you get acquainted with one of the best-kept secrets hailing out of Amsterdam.

As a young kid, he was influenced by various sounds such as Acid, Disco, Chaabi, Hardcore, Hip-hop, House, Gabber, Gangster Rap, Punk, Rai, R&B, and Reggae it was during the era of cassettes and radio.

When he heard Joey Beltram's Energy Flash during the 90s on the radio for the very first time he was "blown away" and thought: "I don't know what the hell this is but it's freakin awesome!

In March 2015 Aurelio started his own radio show at Amsterdams Most Wanted FM under the name Sous Dubois.

He became an on-air personality where his show is listened to in more than 150 countries, and over the years he managed to build a solid following of listeners.

In 2015 he participated in the infamous TWSTD DJ Contest that lasted one year and he made it until the semi-finals with the last best ten DJs.

This was a very important year for him to gain experience but also in order to develop himself as fast as possible, and what helped a lot was getting detailed feedback from known industry professionals. During the contest, he played in many local Amsterdam clubs and earned his stripes as a newcomer within the Amsterdam scene.

His sound is balanced between a mixture of "rolling, trippy and hypnotic Techno", combined with "Breakbeats" and "Rave" with an old-school edge.

His sets are diverse and it also depends on which slot he is performing of course but most importantly he plays the right tracks at the right time and before you know it he sets the dancefloor on fire.

Aurelio is always taking the audience on a journey by introducing the crowd to his world therefore he is renowned for his big smile and his energetic vibe and most of all his electrifying connection with the crowd. Marco Aurelio is distinguishing himself from the rest where you can feel, see, and hear that his musical taste and performances are different, but most of all he is constantly giving 100% effortlessly and he always delivers! ADE 2016/17/18/19/20/21/22 Akhnaton, Amnesia Haze Barcelona (ESP), Chicago Social Club, Club Atelier, Club NL, Club Spock, Graanbeurs. John Doe, De Jungle, Elephant Du Congo, Krane, NDSM Sessions, Our House Museum, Panama Amsterdam, Sugar Factory, Solar Festival (2016) The Lab (Turkey), and many illegal raves in the Netherlands and Barcelona where he shared his enthusiasm and skills over the years.For bookings or other inquiries contact [email protected]

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