Sor (NL)


Sor (25) is one of the greatest musical promises in the Netherlands. Sor can compose and produce in addition to rapping and singing. In February 2018, he suffered from hearing loss, which forced him to work even more creatively. Currently, Sor is positively looking ahead and making music using his piano and synthesizers, subpack (backpack with bass) and his Phonak hearing aid. He has since then appeared on several works as a producer or featuring artist and has released three projects in collaboration with Top Notch/Noah's Ark.

After two successful EPs ('Phonak' and 'Professor'), Sor recently released his project Bae Doven in three parts. On his album he will bring the worlds of classical music and hip-hop closer together and make them clash. He also made a short music film about his project Bae Doven. At the beginning of 2022, he won the TV program 'Maestro' (average 2.2 million viewers) and that put him on the map nationally.

2022 is a beautiful year where he also sold out the concert hall with his own orchestra consisting of 58 orchestra members.

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