Sonora Mulata (MX)

She co-founded the Liga Mexican del Bass and Berraca Bici Bass, and she collaborates with Mujeres Vinileras, Mi Hermosa Vagina. Austral Riddim is her lasted collective creation with various Mexican women artists. Its objective is to break with the standard male-dominated lineup and sexism across in the music scene. She’s returning to Europe after playing at Balera Favela, Movimientos, Cumbia N' Bass Family, Alta Cumbia Nites, and DICE Festival. Shared the stage with artists such as Ali Guagua, Lena Platonos, Kampire, Panchita Peligro, Oly, Reptilian Comander, Mc Mamba, Ushka, Princess Nokia, Scooby Dub, Tropikore, Esa mi Pau, Tayhana, Born in Flames, Simon Off, 6Blocc, Ago Numa Crew, Deeplinkin, 10010, Ckrono, Go Dugong, Prp, Von D & Chanel One.
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