Sondi (DE)

Artist & Speaker

Sondi (she/her) is a new media artist and multi-disciplinary graphic designer from Germany, born in Cameroon and based in the Netherlands. Her work is deeply rooted in her identity as a person of the diaspora and acts as a conduit to unravel the intricate and intimate layers of identity, belonging, ownership, and heritage. Her artistic process centres around the concept of worldbuilding, creating virtual environments where memory, ancestry, and imagination enter into being. In these virtual dreamscapes, she examines new modes of being, using the power of imagination as an instrument of liberation.

Sondi’s work continuously navigates between virtual and physical spaces to investigate the intersection between technology and culture. By examining the ways popular media constructs and disseminates images and ideas, her work aims to challenge the dominant cultural narrative that shapes our perceptions of ourselves and others. Her body of work reflects on the interplay between our corporeal, spiritual, and digital selves and spans a diverse range of mediums, including Audio Visual Performance, Theater, Music, Film, and Education.

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