SIS's first experience with electronic music was more or less accidental. Inspired by hearing Dj Karotte play percussive Indian-style beats at Frankfurt U60 Club at the age of 21, he decided on the spot that this would be his future. Burak Sar aka Sis was born in 1980 in Michelstadt, southern Germany, and from a very young age was Inspired by his musician father, who introduced him to a myriad of musical instruments and rhythms with his Turkish musical group. Sis formed a rock band and played the drums, but after his dancefloor epiphany he bought a pair of Technics 1210s and learned how to mix. Within a short period of time spent developing his DJ skills, he began playing in small clubs and parties around Frankfurt and Mannheim. Not content with limiting himself to DJing, Sis began learning the ropes of production, drawing on his musical roots to craft his own unique style of House Music. Sis gained confidence with his first release (Lilly from the Valley EP, Amused Rec.) in 2006, and he soon gathered more momentum. Following a release for 8bit Rec. (Voices of Istanbul EP), international attention came at the end of 2007 with his first EP for Cecille Rec. (La Garua/Orgsa), a record which sold out within a day in shops across Europe. His second release for Cecille (Nesrib) was a real bomb, playlisted by all the top DJs around the globe. A number of other tracks followed, then came "Trompeta", arguably the hit track of summer 2008. After handing "Trompeta" to Ricardo Villalobos at Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt, Villalobos liked it so much that he decided to release it on his own boutique label Sei es Drum, which up to that point had only showcased Ricardo's own productions. Both DJs and DJ press agreed that Sis was one of that year’s best breakthough acts, as Groove Magazine awarded him "Producer of the Year" and "Track of the Year" (1st Nesrib, 2nd Trompeta) honours in their end of year poll, and Raveline named him the #2 Live Act of the year and Newcomer of the year. Riding a well-deserved wave of hype, Sis he has delivered further well-received release for Welcome to Masemenos and Connoisseur Recordings, and followed this up by establishing own label, Cocolino Records. The future continues to look bright for Sis, and in 2011 he will release his debut project with Get Physical Music, with more quality tracks and DJ/live sets on the horizon.
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