Sinesaw (IT)


Sinesaw has always shown a deep connection with waves - whether they be of sound or the sea, as both are capable of involving the heart and leading back to the ultimate source of everything: love.

Sinesaw's continuous inspiration comes from music and art and in recent years has transformed into a project where the artist collects all the inputs from the world, transforming them into sound waves and, once again, into love. Since the beginning of 2022, the project has been conceived as a personal challenge, made of constant commitment and conscious discipline, through which to express oneself freely with electronic instruments, vocals, and guitar.

The desire to share one's passion with the world has led Sinesaw to create a series of unique musical pieces that reflect his worldview and his deep love for music. For Sinesaw, feeling good and having fun are the other pillars at the base of the genesis of his songs, welcomed with great enthusiasm and excitement by those seeking an authentic and engaging musical experience.

Thanks to his great passion and continuous experimentation, Sinesaw immerses the listener in a unique atmosphere that leads to a journey of sounds and sensations, transforming every input from the world into an experience of beauty and love.

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