Sigward (NL)

Sigward is a The Hague-based producer, DJ and co-owner of Amateur Music. His work is better described as psychedelic, meditative dance music that inspires strong feelings of dark melancholia or transcendental euphoria. His musical inspiration comes from a wide variety of genres and artists, from classic to contemporary sounds, from pop to experimental and from genius to downright silly. As time flows, Sigward’s taste pallet becomes wider, giving him new colors to express himself with on his canvas that is his music. Sigward’s first impulse when listening to music is to feel the meaning of every sound while trying to decipher the blueprint of how the musician worked on his art. These musical experiences accumulate themselves to reach a climax, taking form in the basis of his productions where he then adds his personal touch. Sigward’s productions balance atmospheric waves of synthesizers with hypnotic drum-rhythms, lyrical instrumentals and the occasional vocals. In his creative process, he makes use of his computer, drum-machines, synthesizers and microphone. He often works alongside different musicians to broaden his creative horizon and create unexplored (or not-explored-enough) territories. During his DJ performances, he does everything in his reach to inspire people to transcend their normal state of mind. Thusly, rather than listening, the audience participates in Sigward’s sound phenomenon.
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