Siebrand Dijkstra (NL)

Speaker (CEO, DJ.Studio)

Siebrand is a Dutch serial software entrepreneur who has a lifelong passion for dance music and mixing music. As a developer, he is always looking to simplify every process. With a good sense of underestimation, ADHD, dyslexia and color blindness Siebrand has built and sold several 8 figure IT companies. At 22 years old, he hosted XS4ALL, the first dutch internet provider in his attic. After that he made Magister, administration software for 85% of all Dutch schools! A million students used it to see their grades, including a lot of the current ADE partygoers ;-)

After selling Magister in 2009 Siebrand went global and built Appmachine, a no-code platform where people can build their own app. He sold it in 2014 and became head of innovation for Endurance International, a Nasdaq US company and built kick ass products.Now he decided that it is time for a really easy and fast solution to make a DJ Mix. Not with a DAW or recording it live… No! With super fast drag & drop software specifically made for mixing music: DJ.Studio.

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