SHOUSE is Ed Service and Jack Madin; a couple of friends who like to hang out to make weirdo-house and the occasional international hit. Their live-house set incorporates a network of analog synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, along with bizarre instruments tinkered up in Jack's dad's rural shed. House jams interspersed with huge, choral, anthemic moments. Always a chance to dance, bringing the people together as one within a liminal space. Always a strange, ecstatic, transcendental time.

SHOUSE’s music has become so many things for so many people: A declaration of love during a time of isolation. A demonstration of solidarity. A cry of collective strength. Via the indelible energy of Communitas, embodied on global hit phenomenon “Love Tonight” and their follow up ubiquitous anthem “Won’t Forget You”, that SHOUSE reaches out across the world with a spirit of unity. That is all we need.


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