She's Kim (NL)

She's Kim(full name: Kimberly van de Weerd) was born on the 4th of december 1985 in Utrecht(Netherlands). Ever since she was a little girl, music was a big passion, she had a great rhythm feeling. That feeling translated in lots of dancing lessons, from ballet, streetdance, to hiphop and gogo dancing. She visited her first party at the age of 16, and watched the DJ make the crowd go wild and realized right there and then, that this was what she wanted to do to... It became her dream to become a DJ! It took a few years before she met her mentor DJ Peter Woodz. He gave her weekly lessons and it turned out she got the hang of it very fast. It turned out she had a talent, and it became no longer a dream for her, but a reality. Not long after she bought her first DJ set, and started practicing at home. She practiced for several hours a day to master the technics of spinning. Her style is best described as “ feel good” banging house/progressive/electro music with lots of melody.
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