Serge Ramaekers (BE)

Serge has been an icon in the Belgian musicbusiness for a long time. We know him as a DJ, writer, producer and the driving force behind several projects and artists like Confetti’s (Sound of C’ and Album), Cartouche (Feel the groove), T-Spoon (Sex on the beach), Dinky Toys, Orion Too, Seduced, Hadise, D-Me,… More recent DJ Licious (Calling – booming at this very moment), Laurent Wery (Hey hey hey), Funk Providers, Merdan Taplak (Troubles In My Head), 2 Fabiola (She’s After My Piano - Summerhit 2014), and many more. His list of achievement is so impressive that he’s in the charts of the 20 best selling Belgian artists abroad. He had celebrities as Wee Papa Girl Rappers and George Clinton behind the microphones in his music studio, and also had the privilege to make remixes of famous artists like Freddie Mercury’s “Living On My Own”. This song became a massive worldwide hit. More then 500 titles on which he contributed are registered with Sabam. Also his publishing company “Ramaekers Publishing” has about 270 titles on its list.
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