Sebastien Westerduin (NL)

Speaker (Woov)

Sebastien Westerduin started his journey approximately seven years ago with a simple yet ambitious goal: to enhance the festival industry through technology. As the founder of Woov, he's worked tirelessly to create a festival platform that serves both festivalgoers and event organizers.

Sebastien's mission is clear –leverage technological innovation to help improve the festival market with Woov. This platform brings festival enthusiasts and organizers closer together, offering a unique festival experience.

Woov's distinct feature set drives engagement and fosters a strong sense of community among festivalgoers. It's this unique blend of convenience, connectivity, and social interaction that sets Woov apart in the festival industry.

With a presence in over 50 countries and a track record of servicing more than 1,000 festivals worldwide, including high-profile events such as Boomtown Fair, Kappa Futur Festival, Nature One, elrow (Monegros), We Love Green, and Exit Festival, Woov has proven its ability to make a global impact.

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