Sebastien Lintz (NL)

Artist & Speaker (Revealed Recordings)

Sebastien’s early ascent in the dance industry began as an aspiring producer in 2008 when he released his own creations under widely recognized labels such as Revealed Recordings and Spinnin’ Records. His non-stop passion for electronic music ultimately landed him behind the scenes to support budding artists and pioneer a new era for the dance industry’s elite. Starting as label assistant in 2012, Sebastien’s tenacity and zeal soon propelled him to label manager of Revealed Recordings where he piloted the brand’s rise to becoming one of the world’s leading dance labels.
Beyond his success at Revealed, Sebastien also spearheads digital strategy at Sorted Management - home to top breakaway artists including Dutch icon, Hardwell, and fresh talents, Mike Williams and Zonderling - where he ensures his artists are always on top of their digital game. His industry-defining projects include streaming the first dance event in 360 degrees, developing the first Facebook Messenger bot for a musician, and leveraging blockchain technology for transactions.
Juggling two demanding jobs, Sebastien always maintains a bigger picture in mind, living by the quote, "Everybody has ideas but it’s the execution that matters.” Having won a Golden Lovie award for the most Experimental & Innovative social project in 2016 for Hardwell’s Facebook chatbot, there’s no stopping yet as he continues to relentlessly undertake new technologies that push the envelope and drive his artists to reach their full potential.

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