Satoshi Yamamura (NL)


Satoshi Yamamura is a record collector who holds a monthly residency at Amsterdam’s RadioTempo Não Pára. In addition, together with PAM, he makes up the music blog Okonkole Y Trompa. We think they found their strange name from a mesmerizing piece of horn work on a 1973 jazz fusion album, and their finds do the namesake justice. Growing from a humble Youtube channel where the boys could upload discoveries otherwise unavailable online, they now curate a website receiving rapid recognition, along with monthly show on London’s NTS. Satoshi’s collection is a diggers paradise: an oasis of rare releases, unfamiliar artists and dusty grooves nearly lost to the world. It’s impossible to narrow down his taste to genres – it’s whatever is found in the back of the crate, but ever with an attachment to new wave, synth pop, ambient and jazz fusion though, plus dozens of others beside.

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