Sanka Soundsystem (NL)

Many events led to the genesis of Sanka Soundsystem late 2013. The main ingredients being the love for booty-shaking music, the movie Cool Runnings and a mission to better the world. This through the vision is that music is the universal language of mankind and brings unity, peace, love and happiness to the world. This is something you definitely recognize in the Dancehall, Hiphop and R&b focused selections. The love for positive music grew in his early childhood. Sanka grew up in the South-Eastern side of Amsterdam, also known as the Bijlmer. Because the neighborhood was a bit rough and it looked like he was about to choose the wrong path in life, he was sent to Lhasa in Tibet when he was about 4 years old. There he attended an exchange program at the Dalai Lama Daycare where he mainly received spiritual classes and learned about Buddhistic, Hinduïstic, Rastafari, and Ancient cultures. Sanka is now a law student at the University of Amsterdam and strongly believes in two basic principles: 1) Time is relative. 2) The journey is always more relevant than the destination. You might’ve heard Sanka at World Expo Milan ’16, Bungalup ’15 ’16, Amsterdam Open Air ’17 '18, Mysteryland ’17 '18, Solar Festival ’16 ’17 '18, Kermis Roelofarendsveen or one of the many Dutch clubnights between Pieterburen and Sint Pietersberg. Upcoming January 2019 an Caribbean tour is on the agenda!
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