Sam DeWit (NL)

Sam de Wit was born in Suriname (South America) and grew up in a family where music came naturally. As the son of a preacher he was introduced to gospel music at an early age and gospel music has been a big influence on his vocal style (particularly in his use of melisma). He was a member of the church choir along with his immediate family; his father was the director. With a gospel upbringing, Sam explored other genres of music ranging from pop and soul to Caribbean and reggae music, from r&b to dance. Still in his teens, Sam immigrated to the Netherlands to study law. He gave in to his writing ambitions by writing poems and collaborating with kindred spirits, thus crafting his writing/vocal producing skills. Through one of his friends he was introduced to Alwin Burke who is the founder/member of Re-Play and shortly after, Sam became a member of the group. As Re-Play’s popularity blew up in The Netherlands, Sam decided to totally focus on his musical career in the group, sacrificing other bands he had founded and several other studio projects he was working on at the time and paused his law study for a few years. He has recently resumed his study as he considers it to be very useful and important businesswise to have the knowledge of a law degree (his major is corporate law). In addition to being a singer, Sam is a songwriter, vocal producer who brings a soulful sound with his distinctive powerful vocals. Recently he has been working on his solo career and has been working with different dj’s/producers resulting in some slamming dance soul tracks.
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