S-max (DE)

S-max is running the BOOGIZM-label together with manutchehr "FYM" ghassemlou since 2000. producing his very own style of dancemusic and releasing tracks on a whole lot of internationally known labels including daniel bell's 7th city (detroit) , telegraph, karloff, LMML, semi-automatic, out to lunch, science city, BELOW, temp rec. etc. since 1997, s-max is famous for his uncompromising funk-meets-modern-sound-design and groove. he got worldwide props for his release "seismic stealth smurfz" on daniel bell's 7th city label, collaborated with Daniel Bell, jay haze, ark, mike shannon and remixed ectomorph back in 1997 amongst other works. he also produces scores for short films, videos and theatre.
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