Rutger Beijer (NL)

Speaker (Label Manager, Frequency)

20-year-old Rutger Beijer was dragged into the music industry, after starting with the musical basic of percussion instruments, drumming, and producing. His first touch was during the Herman Brood Academy together with his internship period in the marketing department at the local pop venue "De Vorstin", located in Hilversum. With that, he also worked as an intern at CTM, which is a well-known name in the industry.

Rutger joined alongside Kelvin Ruijters, founder of Frequency, in 2018 Frequency. Where Rutger taking use of the "Zero to Hero" model, supporting artists and creating careers from the ground up. While realizing this, Rutger is also responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with artists, product management, social media presence, and having a supportive role in the creative part of the "look and feel" of Frequency.

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