Rophnan (ET)

Artist & Speaker

Rophnan, a pioneer of his generation, is a producer, songwriter and a DJ, who’s musical message is moving modern day Ethiopia into the future.
Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Rophnan has captured Ethiopian languages, instrumentations and rhythm patterns, and immersed it in futuristic electronic music.
Releasing his first mixtape at the age of 16, Rophnan has been spinning records in the country’s club scene for years while creating his own sound, slowly establishing his name as one of the country’s biggest producer/DJs.
With the Release of his debut album, on May 2018, Rophnan has become one of the most celebrated artists in the country.
 The album won Rophnan 3 Leza Awards including The Album of The Year, becoming a first of its kind, a ground breaking album for an emerging genre. The album, REFLECTION, or in Amharic NETSABRAQ, was deep-rooted in raw traditional music while using futuristic aesthetics. REFLECTION introduced a completely new style of Ethiopian Music.
A top performer and a major creative force, Rophnan has a loyal fan base. Growing numbers of listeners are joining the Rophnan wave and creating viral phenomenas with his music and visuals.
The Album tour, MY GENERATION ::LIVE:: has seen thousands of ROPHNAN’s fans (dubbed as PHANS) pack up arenas across different cities in Ethiopia, brining the music scene to a never seen before heights.
2018 Major Lazer, featuring his track “Get To Work” on their “Africa To The World” mixtape, putting him in the forefront of contemporary African music. Later that year Rophnan traveled to participate in Coke Studios Nairobi, where he collaborated with Zambian Rapper Chef 187, in what many considered as the highlight of the season. On July 2019 ROPHNAN has made it into the FORBES Africa 30UNDER30 list featuring the biggest game changers on the continent. ROPHNAN is the first Ethiopian musician ever to make it to the list.
In his performances Rophnan brings the stage to life with an exciting blend of electronic and organ

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