Rompecorazones (AR)

The concept of Rompecorazones started out as the record label of Guti and has since developed into a live band project. The sound is a hybrid mix of jazz, electronic, classical and experimental. The band members are unique and accomplished solo musicians. The violinist is one of the best classical players in the Netherlands, Rosanne Philippens. L_cio is a transverse flutist /electronic artist from Brazil. For the Amsterdam showcase, there is the addition of Julia Phillipens, jazz violinist, Amsterdam local and sibling of Rosanne. The pianist, Julien Quentin, is an accomplished musician and tours around the world in the classical circuit. The trumpet player is from New York based electronic group No Regular Play. The analog players are Livio & Roby, two well respected DJ/producers in the underground techno circuit. Guti directs the whole thing and plays the synthesizers.
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