Romain Vivien (FR)

Speaker (Believe)

Romain Vivien is Believe’s Global Head of Music and President for Europe. As one of the most seasoned music executives in France, he previously held the role of Believe’s Managing Director for France since 2008. He has actively contributed to the development and the growth of Believe, which has now become one of the world’s leading digital music companies. With almost 30 years of experience in the music business, previously serving as Managing Director of Capitol France, Romain Vivien is extremely active in the French music industry. He was President of Les Victoires de la Musique (French Grammy Awards) in 2020 and is still an active member of the board. He is also VP of indies’ trade body UPFI and board member of labels’ association SPPF. As a key player of both the French and the international market, Romain is a listened-to voice, always promoting artists’ interests in industry discussions.

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