Rogue Trades (NL)

Rogue Trades has operated under a number of different aliases in his time, but always does his music connect the dots between Detroit and Chicago’s classic house heritage with more modern day ideals. Based out of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, this man is as comfortable producing searing acid as he is soulful techno and deeper house. His recent self-titled EP served up two hard-hitting club tracks designed specifically for the darker corners of the dancefloor. Coming in all his influences Rogue Trades knows exactly how to craft a killer bassline and how to imbue his tracks with plenty of atmosphere and emotion and has done so on labels like IMPETO and Radio Kobayashi Records. As a DJ Rogue Trades digs deep, playing old classics next to modern day big hitters and doing so with a real sense of narrative. He has played all over his homeland and with the Spatial collective has brought plenty of greatness back to the local underground scene. Always searching for a new secret DJ weapon or crafting his next big hitting club track, Rogue Trades is a unique voice in the international scene.
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