Rocky G

Rocky G (NL)

Artist - 2019
Born in Lisbon and raised on an African Island, Rocky G is an artist you will never forget! On October 20th 2008 Rocky G started a career in Portugal with very fast success. In 2010 she was an ambassador and resident DJ on international tours for brands like Red Bull, Ministry of Sound, Playboy and many others. After touring in more than 50 countries and playing for more than millions of party goers, she moved to Amsterdam for love. Rocky G became an internet success in 2017 with the video where she told about being a mother of six children. Live Your Dreams Make It Happen have more than 30 million views from all corners of the world. In 2018 she took the big decision to leave EDM and become a techno DJ. The Success was sky rocket with the first techno set she uploaded getting 50k views in one week. In music production Rocky G got big online success with her tracks but especially her remix of Havana by Camila Cabello, which got 1.5 million streams. Techno is her home now in DJing and Production... and she feels complete. Rocky energizes her crowd and creates memories with her mixes of high quality tracks. This makes her stand out on the techno scene.
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